Mom, Me & Mud Mondays
Start anytime!

A Perfect Activity for artists ages 2 to 5 to be shared with their mom, dad or grandparent!
What a great way to start the week. Each session we will explore the possibilities and messiness of clay! We will build, roll, stamp, coil and PLAY with this amazing material to have fun and create masterpieces together.  On the 4th and 8th classes of the session, artists will be able to hand-glaze their work and return a week later to pick up their amazing works of art!
Does not need to be consecutive, although program works best if you try to come weekly.

Mondays 9:30am-10:15am
Begin classes any time
4-pack sessions $125
8-pack sessions $200

Drop Ins Available $35 (staff will glaze creation for you)


Mom, Me & Mud Class Descriptions

 Slip It Up
A perfect day to get Muddy! Artists will use Clay slip to decorate a prefabricated mug to create dunes and waves of texture. Warning: This is a messy one!

Wind Chimes
Artists and their parents will texture up some slabs and use cookie cutters to create elements of a wind chimes. Flowers, butterflies, shapes, cars - whatever they like! Artists will be able to glaze their pieces the same day

Let’s learn our CLAY B C’s…
Work with coils and slabs to create letters to attach to a tile. Create your name, favorite letters or numbers. Parents will help score and slip letters together and attach to tiles

Bubbles and Bowls
Parents and artists will create a slab bowl and then learn the bubble technique to “Blow” the glaze on your pot to create a beautiful unique, marbleized vessel

Let’s FACE it, Clay is Awesome!
Artists will create their own monster or imaginary animal from a pinch pot. Three eyes, four horns and maybe even a braided tongue - whatever they can conjure up! Parents will help to assemble the creature

Make an impression!We have some of your favorite things: Legos, Toy Car, TV figures and we can make them last forever by pressing them in to clay!

Lets Eat!
Our young artists have some favorite foods! Lets make them out of clay! Pizza, Mac and Cheese, PB & J!

 Prehistoric Clay!
Dinosaurs!! Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs

Lasting Flowers
We will use textures and cookie cutters to makes the flowers last forever! Create unique floral creations!