What is Handbuilding?


Play With Clay Any Day- Walk In Handbuilding EVERY DAY!

But What is Handbuilding?

This is NOT a dumb question. People ask us all the time! So here it is:
 is an ancient pottery-making technique that involves creating forms without a pottery wheel, using the hands, fingers, and simple tools. ... Handbuilding techniques can also be used to alter and enhance a form thrown on a wheel. We start with a ball or a slab of clay and our instructors guide you through all sorts of techniques. Pinching, Coiling, Texturing and most importantly, Scoring and Slipping. 

What is scoring and slipping? If you want the nose to stay on a clay dog, or a heart to attach to your coil vase, you must Score and Slip. With a pin tool or serrated rib the artist creates scratch marks and a rough surface and applies slip (liquid clay) to the marks, applying pressure to make it stay on...FOREVER. (Note pottery from 2000BC!..It really works!)

Then what do we do? We let your pot dry for about a week (a bit longer if its been a bit rainy) and we fire it the first time in a BISQUE Firing. This gets most of the moisture out and preps it to absorb the glaze.  Then you have a choice. You can choose to return and hand glaze it yourself or our staff with DIP glaze it for you (included in the initial price).

Then back in the kiln it goes.. then we bubble wrap it and it's ready for you to return and pick it up! 

And that's it and you can come PLAY WITH CLAY ANY DAY to Handbuild. Each week we will have a specific project we are demonstrating but you can make whatever you would like with the amount of clay we give you (a bit bigger may be a bit more expensive). If you want to come prepared go on Pinterest and pin- Coil Pots, Pinch Pots or Slab Projects for some ideas! We can help!

SO there it is! Come in any day Sun-Thurs 11-6 and Fri & Sat 11-9. (BTW its BYOB!) Please come an hour before closing to allow for time to complete your project! $30 per project and $15 additional to return to glaze!