Why take classes at MUD?

12 Reasons Why You Should Up for Classes at Madison Mud and Boonton Mud?

1. Make cool stuff.- Won't it be awesome to drink your morning coffeee in a mud u made or serve some salsa at your next BBQ in your wheel thrown bowl
2. It's relaxing- Mindfullness is the only path to a perfect pot. Sign up and see what we mean
3. Unlimited practice time with all memberships! Come in when there is no class and sharpen your skill. No extra cost
4. Flexible schedule. If you sign up for Mondays but cant come every Monday, you can make up a class on another class time!
5. Bucket Listing- You have always wanted to try it. You've either seen in in Ghost or watch one of our members throw at an event or stalked us in the window! Cross it off your list!
6. Learn Something New- Isn't that the trend now? Try a new thing each month. Experience is Better than material things! We promise!
7. Membership Pays!- Once you become a member you get a discount on other workshops, events, and pottery sold in the studio! And you get to sign up for classes before everyone else!
8. 24hour access!- Yes you heard the right! Madison Mud offered 24 hour access to practice when you want. Boonton is available till 10pm!
9. Great community! You will love all of our members and the feedback and comradery is amazing. (and if you dont like us, you an always bring headphones)
10. Skilled Instructors All of our instructors have at least 10 year experience working with clay. We encourage you to try them all out!
11. Chips & Pretzels- We always have an unlimited supply!

Check out our schedule!