I'm not artsy!

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I'm not artsy!

Who cares!?

"Why haven't you come to a workshop or signed up for classes?
"I'm not the artsy one in my family"..."I can't draw a straight line!"..."stick figures are a challenge to me!"

The potter's wheel has nothing to do with creativity! You don't have to be an artsy person! In fact, a lot of our members are lawyers, accountants and engineers. For real! 

Think about it. The wheel is all about patience, speed, pressure, concentration and centripetal force. (I never say that right!). The most analytical mind can master the skill of the wheel before the actual art brain! At our couples nights, you would be surprised who "gets it" quicker and which personalities have the most success. 

That is why we are multi level in every class. You can be taking classes for 3 sessions of 8 weeks and that serious chemical engineer comes in and spins the perfect cylinder after one class.  Do not be discouraged. Practice will help you develop your skill so you too can be as good as that accountant sitting next to you (cheap plug: that why we offer unlimited studio time with all memberships) 

I've been know to say " You get the voice and then you figure out what you want to say with it!" Once you perfect the cylinder, the small bowl, the "sexy pot" you then can glaze it conservatively and enjoy your favorite latte in it or you can say something more. You can decorate, sgraffito, slip trail it, add a flower or and as many of you know, I tend to attache naked, faceless people to my pots. Whatever type of human you are will guide what you say with your pot. And at Madison and Boonton Mud Clay Studios we appreciate all levels of voices!

We invite you to give us a try ...Couples Nights, Ladies Night, Singles Night or organize your own Adult BYOB Claydate. Don't be afraid of the wheel or the ability to laugh at yourself! Just remember PERFECTION IS NOT AN OPTION! But fun is a guarantee!
You will be surprised at your new found addiction: artists, accountant, lawyer or musician!