Fundraising @ Mud Clay Studio


Fundraising @ Mud Clay Studio

The success of Madison Mud is all due to the amazing community we belong to. Word of mouth, kind reviews and new clay addicts have helped us grow into a second location. We love to return the favor. Both Madison and Boonton Mud Clay Studio offer fun ways to fundraise for your organization. There are several great fundraising ideas available at both locations in New Jersey.

Always ready to donate!
If you have an upcoming Tricky Tray or Silent Auction, come on in. We are happy to donate a 6 person adult BYOB Claydate valued at $480 or a couples night or Two for ladies nights valued at $140. All you have to do is ask!

Organized Claydates for up to 24 people (raise $840 in 3 hrs!)
Sign up to 24 people up for an reserved Adult Claydate at $70 per person and we will split it with you! You get $35 for every guest. WE provide the snacks, you provide the adult beverages. Handbuilding and 2 tries on the wheel and loads of laughs!

Handbuilding Donation Days (50 attendees raises at least $750 in a day!)
Pick a day and invite everyone you know to come on in and Play With Clay! Great for all ages Each Handbuilding project costs $30 (and an additional $15 if the choose to return to hand glaze it themselves) And we ill split it with you! 10% of all pottery sales will also be donated to your non profit  of choice.


Choose the best location for your organization and contact us at Madison Mudor Boonton Mud.
We can help you choose the best fundraising option for your needs!