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Jodi Sommer

I love working with clay because it gives me the opportunity to express myself as a  craftsman through form and as a painter through design and color. When I am working I feel joy as I connect to my creativity, nature and God. I want my work to carry an inner fire, to connect the user with pleasure. I am always conscious of adding some element of sensuality to my functional work, it may be the curve in a cup, a flower petal, or a silky finish. I am inspired by art of the 19th century, fashion, and nature. My goals include creating community sculpture and mosaics, kinetic art and having my work in museums. 

My gift as a teacher is encouragement and I use that to help my students connect to their work, problem solve, and stimulate growth and vision. My hope is to give them the skills to continue on a creative journey and help them recognize their uniqueness.